About Me :

Hello! I'm Jieyeon.

I'm a Ph.D. student at ISIR, Sorbonne University.

I am interested in Deep Learning, Multimodal AI, and Human-Machine Interaction.

Feel free to visit my LinkedIn and if you have any questions, please email me at jieyeon.woo@sorbonne-universite.fr.

Education :

Sorbonne University, 2020 - 2023
 Ph.D. in 
Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Interaction

Sorbonne University, Class of 2020
 M.S. in Engineering of Intelligent Systems   -   Honors

Sorbonne University, Class of 2018
 B.S. in Electronic Engineering   -   Honors
 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Skills :

Artificial Intelligence Skills: TensorFlow, Keras, TensorBoard, Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (ML), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), Transformers, Large Language Models (LLMs), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sentiment Analysis

Programming: Python, Java, C, C++, ROS, R, Matlab/Simulink, VHDL, FPGA programming, SQL, HTML

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac

Applications: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), LaTeX, OpenScad, Arduino

Acquired skills: Public speaking skills, conflict resolution skills, negotiating skills, research skills

Languages: Korean (native), English (bilingual), French (bilingual), Italian (basic)


Hobbies :

Pastry :

I love to try new desserts and create a dessert with my own style.
Tasting various desserts helps me to become more creative and to think outside the box, and the procedure of creating dessert allows me to practice patience and to organise processes better.

Certificates :

Le Cordon Bleu - Paris, 2020
 L'Atelier du Macaron
 Les Secrets des Eclairs

Traveling :

My interest in food and pastry naturally lead me to like traveling. Traveling is always so intriguing as I can not only taste new food and pastry but also learn more about others' culture, perspective and technology. I intend to keep on finding out and learn more about others to apply technology in making our world a better place for everyone.